FountainVest closes its US$1.35bn Fund II


Date: 14 Nov 2012
By: Matilda Wong

FountainVest Partners (“FountainVest”) announced today that it has recently completed the final closing of its second fund, FountainVest China Growth Capital Fund II, L.P., (“Fund II”).

The fund size for Fund II is approximately 40% larger than FountainVest’s first fund, FountainVest China Growth Capital Fund, L.P., (“Fund I”), and exceeded its initial target. It received strong support from its existing investors in Fund I as well as a number of new high quality institutional limited partners from around the world. North American and European institutional investors contributed the majority of the funding, while pension funds remain our largest investor type.

FountainVest, founded in December 2007, is one of the leading private equity funds dedicated to investing in Chinese private enterprises who are emerging leaders.
For Fund II, it plans to continue its focus on investing in companies that are driving and that are benefitting from China’s transformational changes in terms of consumption, urbanization, and sustainable development. FountainVest is committed to partner with high quality management teams in building industry champions of tomorrow in China and globally.

FountainVest is advised by a dynamic and driven team, including its four managing directors Frank Tang, Terry Hu, George Chuang, and Chenning Zhao who have a long history of working together. Frank Tang, CEO, based in Hong Kong, commented: “We thank our existing limited partners for their renewed vote of confidence in us, and welcome our new investors with excitement. We will continue our existing investment strategies and execution best practices through Fund II, supported by a high quality team consisting both of individuals who have been working together for many years and those joining us more recently as part of our significant expansion.”

He continued to say that, “We remain confident about the long term prospects for China, and believe that the current economic slowdown presents opportunities for FountainVest to back superior management teams to build leading companies that will benefit from China’s further growth and structural changes. As always, we seek not only to provide capital, but more importantly to add strategic value to our portfolio companies’ next phase of growth.”
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About FountainVest
FountainVest is a leading China-focused private equity firm. FountainVest focuses on long term oriented investments and targets high growth industry leaders in China in the consumer, media and technology, environmental and renewable resources and healthcare sectors. FountainVest works closely with management teams to create value in the areas of strategy, operations, finance, industry consolidation and governance.